Why I host on Airbnb.com

Just FYI I am in no way affiliated with or paid to promote Airbnb.com…or am I? I’m not.

I first learned about Airbnb.com through a blog post (I don’t remember which one) about unconventional ways to earn extra cash. Airbnb allows you to rent out your extra room or your whole home to travellers (or you can just sign up as a traveller). was intrigued, but wary- I mean who would be staying with me, total weirdos?

Then I went to the Airbnb website (Airbnb.com) and watched their promo video featuring real hosts around the world explaining why they host, what their experiences have been, and what they’ve been able to do with their extra money (Video Here). Not only did it allay my fears, it actually made me excited. It looked really fun to meet travellers from all over and to fairly easily earn extra income. Plus, all the hosts looked like nice, normal people. (Good marketing Airbnb).

So I set up my hosting profile and within days had my first traveller booked to stay with me. It was really easy and the experience was great. Since then, I’ve been pretty steadily booked, earning me way more moola than I originally expected. So in terms of a way to make extra money, its been a great experience. (My Airbnb Listing)

I have also found that it’s a really efficient use of my resources. I have an extra room and bathroom that hardly got any use before. Now they’re earning me money (so far more than paying for my monthly mortgage & HOA fees).

I had been considering getting a roommate, but felt that hosting travellers would be a better fit for me, and so far I definitely think I made the right decision. I’ve really enjoyed meeting every one of my guests and they are so interesting to talk to. I’ve learned about the places they’ve lived and visited, have been shocked by how many ways there are to earn a living (I’ve had flight instructors, students, pro skydivers, artists, herbalists, nurses and more stay with me), and more often than not made new friends.

I have also had a fantasy for awhile about running a “real” bed and breakfast and I feel like this is great experience for me if I ever decide to do so.

For these reasons I host on Airbnb and really love it.

Thinking about hosting also?

  • First, I’d peruse the Airbnb website- you can set up a profile without listing your space and look around, see who else is on there and learn about what’s involved
  • It’s a great way to earn extra money, but if you’re not also interested in taking care of people and really providing a safe, comfortable, clean stay for them, its probably not for you
  • If you’re hesitant because you worry about the people staying with you, I think there are a lot of great ways to find guests who are a good fit for you and your place (I’ll post more about this soon). I also think you can be very choosy- if you’re worried, only accept guests who have at least a couple of positive reviews from other hosts that they’ve stayed with and who have a profile picture, as well as a few security verifications (done through Airbnb). You have total control over who stays with you. Plus, I’ve only encountered a few pirates and cat stranglers (kidding).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience with Airbnb or to let me know about yours.

2 thoughts on “Why I host on Airbnb.com

  1. I’m becoming more and more intrigued…

    It would be great income. How much would you think I could charge for my room and bathroom? Do I include breakfast?

    Do they get to look in the refrigerator for something to eat? And I give them a key to my house?? They provide their own transportation, correct? Do I give them maps?

    Your profile was very well done.

    I liked all your pictures of your house and the two of Maggie. cute.

    Love, Mom

    • Hey Mom,

      I figured out how much to charge by searching near me for other places to stay to get an idea of how much other people were charging. Then I priced low as an incentive for people to stay with me, since I didn’t have any reviews yet. That’s what I would recommend, and then after you get some positive reviews you could raise your rates if you wanted. I also set a discounted weekly and monthly rates.

      You can include breakfast (I don’t). I think you can just provide breakfast foods (like they have access to bagels, muffins, etc.) or you could make it fresh for them- I think if you did breakfast I’d charge more since that’s a big incentive, and def mention that you run a bakery! Yum! I’d also include pics of your food.

      Yeah- I let people keep food in the fridge and cleared out a cabinet and drawer for them to keep food. Yes to them having their own transport and giving them a key. I haven’t provided maps, but it would be nice if you wanted to. You can also create a “guidebook” on airbnb that lets you mark attractions, your favorite restaurants, etc.- so they have kind of a personalized map online.

      We can talk more if you’re thinking about it! =)

      Love you too!

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