Fan Fiction: Pride and Prejudice and Wizards


What are you doing? Why are you reading this? Here’s what you should be reading right now, a little masterpiece of fan fiction in progress entitled Pride and Prejudice and Wizards.

What is fan fiction?According to Wikipedia, it’s defined as “stories about characters or settings written by fans of the original work, rather than by the original creator.” According to one estimate, fan fiction comprises one third of all content about books on the internet. There are lots of subcategories and our PPW, as we call it for short, is a “crossover” meaning we reference 2 or more different sources. In this case, it’s more like 50, but who’s counting right?

To add a little extra fun (as if writing about Elizabeth Bennet going to Hogwarts with her best gay friend Luke Skywalker wasn’t enough) my sister and I are writing it together- alternating chapters and not telling the other what’s coming next. So, honestly, we have no more idea where this is going than you do. Exciting huh?

You can also leave us reviews and messages (please do)and even requests. We’ve already incorporated one reader’s request to see Mr. Darcy…though he appears to be caught up in some drag queen, Mrs.Doubtfire type fantasy. You just have to read it OK?

While ours is definitely a comedy and not intended for anything other than our enjoyment (and hopefully yours) other pieces of fan fiction have gone on to become mainstream bestsellers.

For instance, 50 Shades of Grey originally started out as a fan fiction piece on starring Bella and Edward from Twilight.

I’ll just leave you with a reviews from our fans:

“OMFG! I have been looking for something exactly like this story. Wait till I tell all my friend. I’ve always thought that Luke was gay. I mean, why else would he go for a hag like Lea?”

“Wow, Mrs. Darcy ?”

“So many disparate references. My head hurts.”

Wow. You know you can’t go wrong with reviews like that!

But seriously, whether writing my chapter or reading my sister’s I find myself laughing out loud to myself every time. A favorite blogger of mine says that she knows she’s written a good blog if it makes her cry.

I know I’ve written a good chapter when it makes me cackle out loud.

Cackle away friends, cackle away.

Pride and Prejudice and Wizards.

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